Herreshoff #192701es Water Bug [Dinghy for #982s Water Lily]


Name: Water Bug [Dinghy for #982s Water Lily]
Type: Yacht dinghy
Designed by: NGH
Setup: 1927-9-29
Finished: 1927-10-5
Construction: Wood
LOA: 8' 6" (2.59m)
Beam: 3' 4" (1.02m)
Displ.: 82 lbs (37 kg)
Built for: Herreshoff, N. G.
Current owner: Herreshoff Marine Museum (stored by Halsey Herreshoff II), Bristol, RI (last reported 2016 at age 89)

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#982s Limited (1926)

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Model #25

Model number: 25
Model location: H.M.M. Model Room East Wall

Vessels from this model:
1 built, modeled by NGH
#192701es Water Bug [Dinghy for #982s Water Lily] (1927, Extant)

Original text on model:
"8 1/2" yacht tender for towing July 15, 1927 ? to Coconut Grove
3" wider than original of June 27" (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model Description:
"8'6" loa tender for towing of 1927, built 3" wider than indicated by model." [Sic, i.e. this model is for a dingy 3" wider than the original model NGH made on June 27, 1927.] (Source: Bray, Maynard. 2004.)

Model Comment:
Reference to the hard-chined model 27 was added by CvdL because its preliminary was made at the same time (June 1927) as plan 028-065 which was prepared for this hard-chine dinghy.

Related model(s):
Model 1227 by NGH (1927); sail
Yacht Tender for Coconut Grove (Prelim.)

Note: Vessels that appear in the records as not built, a cancelled contract, a study model, or as a model sailboat are listed but not counted in the list of vessels built from a model.


Nathanael G. Herreshoff

"[Copyright-restricted content.]" (Source: Herreshoff, Nathanael G. Diary, 1927. Manuscript (excerpts). Access courtesy of Halsey C. Herreshoff.)

Other Contemporary Text Source(s)

"Herreshoff Manufacturing Company
Bristol, Rhode Island
Oct 20 1927
Tender [#192701es WATER BUG] for 'WATER LILY' [#982s]
In account with Mr N G Herreshoff
Order No. 15690
This Invoice Not Subject To Discount
Charges from Sept 28 to Oct 5 1927
Build special tender
8 ft butternut 2.00
44 ft cedar 5.73
1 hackmatack knee 6.50
6 ft mahogany 1.98
1 lb nails .05 18 ft native oak 1.80
2 1/2 lbs colored paint .58
1/2 doz sandpaper .18
2 lifting rings 2.50
3/4 lb rivets .23
72 doz brass screws 3.40
8 ft spruce 1.04
plus 10% 2.60
[Sum $] 28.59
60 1/2 hours, net cost 45.33
[Sum $] 73.92" (Source: Herreshoff Manufacturing Company. [Invoice to N. G. Herreshoff.] Herreshoff Marine Museum Correspondence, Subject Folder 20 (new). Access courtesy of Halsey C. Herreshoff. October 20, 1927.)

Other Modern Text Source(s)

by Patty Munroe Catlow
... Later Captain Nat designed the sloop WATER LILY [#982s] and brought her south for the winters of 1928 and 29. Frequently he loaned the WATER LILY to me for a sailing school that I conducted for young girls. Often Captain Nat came along on the trips. While one of us taught knots, the other would coach the girls at the tiller. Needless to say it was quite a thrill for some of the girls to be taught to sail by Captain Nat Herreshoff.
When the Herreshoffs stopped coming to Florida, Captain Nat gave me the WATER LILY. She no longer exists but it has been my pleasure to donate the WATER LILY's tender [#192701es WATER BUG] to the Herreshoff Marine Museum where she is on display." (Source: Herreshoff Marine Museum Chronicle, Spring 1980, p. 4.)


Research Note(s)

"This hard chine dinghy used to be at the Herreshoff Museum but is currently held by Halsey Herreshoff II. When at HMM it was painted grey. It was originally built for N. G. Herreshoff's own use in Coconut Grove, Florida and used from 1928 on for Water Lily." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. [Based on private email communication from Maynard Bray, March 31, 2009.] May 9, 2009.)

"Note on W. A. Baker list of HMCo dinghy plans (made by either W. A. Baker or Maynard Bray): 'Capt. Nat's Dinghy for Water Lily. Chine Hull, now at HMM in Bristol.'" (Source: van der Linde, Claas. October 26, 2009.)

"Plan 28-65 (formerly 76-64) from which this boat was built was drawn 1927-06." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. October 26, 2009.)

"Built in 6 days (setup to finished; equivalent to 14 lbs displacement/day)." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. January 1, 2018.)

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