Model No. 214: Westward and Elena

Model No. 214

Model by: NGH
Made when: September 1909
Stated model scale: 1/32
Model length (ca.): 50.8" (129.0cm)
Implied vessel LOA at 1/32 (ca.): 135' 5" (41.3m)
Power/Sail: S
Vessel Type: Schooner
Hull Configuration: Keel (1); Keel&Centerboard (1)
Model location: H.M.M. Model Room South Wall Center

Vessels from this model:
2 built, modeled by NGH
#692s Westward (1910)
#706s Elena (1911)

Original text on model:
"#692 September 1909 scale 3/8 frame space 20" WESTWARD
#706 December 1910 with cb Scale ditto for space and scale ELENA" (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model description:
"96' lwl Westward, riveted steel schooner-yacht of 1910, and recently replicated in Holland as Eleanora. Also 96' lwl Elena of 1911 which was fitted with a centerboard." (Source: Bray, Maynard. 2004.)

Model discussion:
"One of Herreshoff's best known schooners was Westward which found its way to Britain and raced with the Big Class under the ownershipp of a Jersey man, Mr. TB Davis. Her plans now reside at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but the original model of Westward was given to Davis and his daughter when they visited Herreshoff on Rhode Island some time after Westward had won the King's Cup in 1935.
They had been given a tour of the model room by Herreshoff who told Mr. Davis he could have the model if he could pick it out from the many displayed there, which he did. This and other Westward memorabilia are on display the the Marine Museum in Jersey, Channel Islands." (Source: Ward, Peter. "Half Truths." In: Classic Boat, January 1997, p. 70.)

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