Model No. 1110: 18ft LWL Knockabout

Model No. 1110

Model by: NGH
Made when: July 1927
Stated model scale: 1/12
Model length (ca.): 29.5" (75.0cm)
Implied vessel LOA at 1/12 (ca.): 29' 6" (9.0m)
Power/Sail: S
Vessel Type: Knockabout
Hull Configuration: Keel&Centerboard
Model location: H.M.M. Workshop South Wall Right

Vessels from this model:
0 built, modeled by NGH
#192705es [Unbuilt Biscayne Bay Knockabout Proposal] (1927)

Original text on model:
"July 7, 1927. Scale 1/12
changed Oct. 28, 1927 [Three vertical lines mid ships marked from forward to aft, possibly hull section area] '50.7', '52', '60' " (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model discussion:
"[1927-07-07] Thu 7: Strong SSW all day, overcast. Most the time amusing myself in making 2 models for 18' w.l. knockabouts." (Source: Herreshoff, Nathanael G. Diary, 1927. Manuscript (excerpts). Access courtesy of Halsey C. Herreshoff.)

"This design was apparently intended for NGH's own use in Florida. See July 10, 1927 letter from R. M. Munroe to NGH in HMM Correspondence Folder 87 (new), 121 (old) in which Munroe refers to a July 3, 1927 letter by NGH: 'Your ideas about a boat suitable for these waters & capable of being wheeled up the hill on my new road for storage is perfectly O.K. Whats more, it will be very simple to build strong protection from the weather back of our hammock out of expanded metal lathing[?] & plaster. My two iron wheels are still perfectly good even if they have kicked around in the weather since 1876[?]. [np] If outside ballasted it might be made removable in such small craft tho not absolutely necessary. Tho to detach it removes strain in the boat in handling'." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. April 26, 2017.)

"The October 28, 1927 alterations mentioned on the back of this model are possibly also related to #192702es, a 1927 proposal by NGH for H. Havemeyer for a shallow draft sailboat for Great South Bay." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. April 26, 2017.)

Model identification:
"Newly identified model. This is a model for a 18ft LWL knockabout as per NGH's diary on July 7, 1927." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. January 20, 2014.)

Note: Vessels that appear in the records as not built, a cancelled contract, a study model, or as a model sailboat are listed but not counted in the list of vessels built from a model.

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