Model No. 1120: Deep Sea Cruiser I

Model No. 1120

Model by: NGH
Made when: February 1936 (???)
Possible model scale: 1/96
Model length (ca.): 16.3" (41.3cm)
Implied vessel LOA at 1/96 (ca.): 130' 3" (39.7m)
Power/Sail: S
Vessel Type: Deep Sea Cruiser
Hull Configuration: Centerboard
Model location: H.M.M. Workshop South Wall Right

Original text on model:
"1st trial for a c.b. Deep Sea Cruiser, scale 1/8" per ft. Winter of 1926
Length wl 160 ft, Beam 24', Depth 14'-9", Draft to Rubrail 7' 9" Total 8' 6"." (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

"It is impossible to reconcile the stated length and the stated scale of the model." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. March 26, 2009.)

"Check date of model as stated on back of model. Winter of 1926 appears unlikely. Winter of 1936, when NGH made other related models, appears much more likely and thus has been assumed to be the correct date in the HCR for this model." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. May 15, 2017.)

Model identification:
"See model sequence 29, 1111, 1134." (Source: Curator Herreshoff Marine Museum, 2004.)

Related model(s):
Model 0029 by NGH (1936); sail, not built
Deep Sea Cruiser {2}: Schooner
Model 1111 by NGH (1936?); sail, not built
Deep Sea Cruiser III: Schooner
Model 1120 by NGH (1936?); sail, not built
Deep Sea Cruiser I
Model 1134 by NGH (1936?); sail, not built
Deep Sea Cruiser IV: Schooner

Note: Vessels that appear in the records as not built, a cancelled contract, a study model, or as a model sailboat are listed but not counted in the list of vessels built from a model.

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