Model No. 1421: Torpedo Boat (Prelim. Model)

Model No. 1421

Model by: NGH
Made when: July 1896
Stated model scale: 1/64
Model length (ca.): 40.1" (101.7cm)
Implied vessel LOA at 1/64 (ca.): 213' 7" (65.1m)
Power/Sail: P
Vessel Type: Navy Steam Torpedo Boat
Model location: H.M.M. Workshop North Wall Left a

Original text on model:
"Prelim 30-K- scale 3/16
July 2, '96" (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model identification:
"Newly identified model. Compare models 1405, 1434 and 1421. Model 1421 probably was the preliminary model for what was finalized in model 1434 --- a 30kn 198ft torpedo boat. Model 1405 shares certain similarities with models 1434 and 1421 but appears to have been made for a slightly longer vessel." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. 2008.)

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Model 1421 by NGH (1896); power, not built
Torpedo Boat (Prelim. Model)
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Torpedo Boat

Note: Vessels that appear in the records as not built, a cancelled contract, a study model, or as a model sailboat are listed but not counted in the list of vessels built from a model.

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