Model No. 1516: [?]

Model No. 1516

Model by: NGH or JBH?
Made when: 1870 (???)
Possible model scale: 1/24
Model length (ca.): 43.6" (110.8cm)
Implied vessel LOA at 1/24 (ca.): 87' 3" (26.6m)
Power/Sail: S
Hull Configuration: Keel
Model location: H.M.M. Workshop North Wall Center

Original text on model:
"[Blank]" (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model description:
"The model is glued to a mounting board. There are separate pieces of wood for the stem, keel/skeg, u/w hull, topside, and deck. There is no writing on the back of the mounting board.
Model dimensions- LOA with bowsprit 49.25 in. LOA with stem piece 43.625 in. LOA of hull w/o stem 43.313 in. B 5.1 in. D 5.5 in." (Source: Palmieri, John (Curator Herreshoff Marine Museum). Email to Claas van der Linde, October 14, 2010.)

Model identification:
"Model 1516 represents a LOA/Beam ratio of 4.28, which, judging from L/B ratios of known early Herreshoff-built yachts, would point to a vessel of some 80ft LOA or even longer. #187303es Faustine with an LOA of 79ft 6in was the only sailing vessel longer than 70ft LOA that was built by the Herreshoffs before Gloriana of 1891. Faustine had a LOA/Beam ratio of 4.042 which is quite close to this model. However, at the most likely used scale of 1:32 (3/8" to the foot) this model would represent a vessel of 87.25ft LOA (w stem) or 86.63' LOA (w/o stem) and 20.4' beam, which seems to be too large to be a match for Faustine.
Note, that a Herreshoff-built model of Faustine at the New York Yacht Club is 29.75in LOA and 3.5in beam, representing a LOA/Beam ratio of 4.25 and, at a scale of 1/32 an LOA of 79.33ft and beam of 18.67ft.
There appears to be no early Herreshoff-built vessel matching this model's dimensions at any of the commonly used scales.
Note, also, what NGH once wrote in the context of his having modeled #187106es Shadow: '... One year before the Shadow was built I cut two preliminary ones of her same character --- notably a schooner yacht about 90ft. long, which model can now be seen. ...' (Source: Herreshoff, N. G. 'Shadow.' Forest and Stream, September 15, 1887, p. 154.) Might Model 1516 be the model alluded to by NGH?" (Source: van der Linde, Claas. December 3, 2010.)

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