Model No. 1522: 30sq m Swedish Rule (Study Model)

Model No. 1522

Model by: NGH
Made when: February 1929
Stated model scale: 1/16
Model length (ca.): 24.1" (61.2cm)
Implied vessel LOA at 1/16 (ca.): 32' 2" (9.8m)
Power/Sail: S
Vessel Type: 30sq m Class
Hull Configuration: Centerboard
Model location: H.M.M. Workshop North Wall Center

Original text on model:
"For 324 sq ft Sail Rating Feb 1929 Scale 3/4" per ft.
32' oa 27' 10" wl 6' 9" Beam, 21 1/2" draft Disp 4700 lbs WS [wetted surface] 158 sq ft
(Disp) 73 1/2 cu ft." (Source: Original handwritten annotation on model. Undated.)

Model discussion:
"[1929-01-28] Mon 28: ... At work on model [Model 1522], a modification of pro[posed?] 30 square M[eter] class for shallow water.
[1929-01-31] Thu 31: ... At home working on model [Model 1522] & writing.
[1929-02-04] Mon 4: ... I work[ed] on models [Model 1522 and ?] all day.
[1929-02-06] Wed 6: ... At work on models [Model 1522 and ?] most of day.
[1929-02-07] Thu 7: At home all day working on models [Model 1522 and ?] & writing." (Source: Herreshoff, Nathanael G. Diary, 1929. Manuscript (excerpts). Access courtesy of Halsey C. Herreshoff.)

"Coconut Grove, Fla. N. G. Herreshoff Bristol, R. I. Feb 14, 1929 {1929/02/14} Dear Francis Inplimenting my letter of some days ago, about the 30 sq meter class, and the designs I have been amusing myself with, the shallow draft one, which only partly complies with the Swedish Rules, and what might be considered a 'development design'. I think would make a very good boat, and I see no reason why it should not be a good sailer - i.e. be quite fast, for the sail-area, when actual area is the criterion. The design is 32' o.a. [over all] 29'108" at 7 1/8 above w.l. [waterline] 27' 6 w.l. [waterline] 6'9" beam, 6' 3" wide at w.l. [waterline] 21" draft. The displacment is 4700 lbs. (73 1/2 cuft = 4.2 cubed), which I have distributed as follows. [Chart] I have figured out the [symbol] of displacment vertical plane when heeling at 20o angle and find it to be removed from [symbol] of weight of vessel 13",, This multiplied by wgt. [formula] gives 5090 ftlbs righting moment. The sail area multiplied by the distance to [symbol] is above [symbol] of lateral resistance is 323 x 14' = 4530, which is small and indicates the boat should have more sail to bring these moments nearly equal, With 350 (square)' and heeling lever 14.'5 there would be. Then [formula] Not having full data I could not make an accurate survey of the power & resistance elements of your no 37
[p2] but I estimated the wetted surface to be 153 (square)', - the righting arm at 20o angle 11 3/4" and careening arm (c of sail area to C of lateral resistance) 16'. With sail are of 330 (square)' and displ of 5470 lbs. We have (roughly) {formula] My long water line and shallow draft design would not hold yours in light winds, but as far as figures go she should be the better of the two in strong breezes. The study is interesting at least, and I w'ld like to see such a boat tried out. ... Your affect Father" (Source: Mystic Seaport Museum, L. Francis Herreshoff Collection, Box 17, Folder 5: Letter from N. G. Herreshoff to L. F. Herreshoff.)

"See also NGH letter regarding model 1123." (Source: van der Linde, Claas. 2008.)

Model identification:
"See model sequence 1123, 1126, 1132." (Source: Curator Herreshoff Marine Museum, 2004.)

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Note: Vessels that appear in the records as not built, a cancelled contract, a study model, or as a model sailboat are listed but not counted in the list of vessels built from a model.

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